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AWS and startups: Accelerator programmes for enterprises to address their problems



AWS and startups: Accelerator programmes for enterprises to address their problems

The startup community was early adopters for Amazon Web Services (AWS ),, paving the way for the company’s rise to be the preferred cloud provider for many businesses today.

While the public cloud giant boasts a growing list of reference enterprises who are using its services to digitally transform operations, it was the startups that drove most of the initial demand for its services.

This demand led to the all-too-familiar story about how businesses around the globe were seeing their business models and competitive advantage under threat by the new breed of “born-in-the-cloud” startups.

These startups used Amazon’s off-premise storage to bring their cloud-native products to the market faster and for a lower cost.

Many of these firms had also tapped into agile and DevOps-like software development processes and protocols when building their products, making it possible for them to tweak their designs and offerings quickly in response to changing market conditions and customer demands.

According to published customer stories and case studies from AWS events, disruptions were occurring in all industries as cloud made it easier for smaller, more agile market players.

Meanwhile many enterprises found it difficult to use cloud technology to put out fires. This was due to the large investments they made in their IT estate.

Enterprises had to deal with regulatory, IT security, and data sovereignty issues. There was also a high level of scepticism among senior IT leaders regarding the potential benefits of cloud. This would mean that large-scale cloud migrations for these companies would remain off-limits for many years.

Amazon spent the majority of the last decade attempting to help businesses overcome regulatory and technical barriers that prevent them from adopting cloud computing. To alleviate enterprises’ concerns about data sovereignty, Amazon has invested millions, if not billions of pounds in expanding its global datacentre network.

Seeing these startups grow into scaleups, continue to thrive in the markets they serve with the help cloud has been a tremendous boost to their enterprise competitors and prompted many to reconsider their IT strategies.

Threat of disruption

AWS is very much an enterprise public cloud provider now, and it could be argued that the threat of disruption posed by its customer base of startups since the company’s inception in 2006 is one of the driving forces behind why so many enterprises use cloud now.

The company’s technology is still being enthusiastically adopted by startups. According to Max Peterson vice president of worldwide public sector at AWS , they continue to play an important part in helping its enterprise customers navigate their journey to cloud computing.

But that’s not all. Peterson says that the startup community also assists AWS customers in verticals like healthcare and space technology to overcome business problems through its growing list of accelerator programs.

“One way we can spark innovation and help customers move quicker is to bring together expertise in a very concentrated manner to help governments, businesses, startups or other organizations move faster in these really targeted efforts,” he said. We have found that starting with an area of applied knowledge and a set of problems can help focus the discussion and make people move faster. We have many accelerators that do exactly that .”

Participants receive mentorship, specialized training and other valuable connections through these programs. Peterson says that sometimes it is the connections to other businesses in a similar area of innovation, which can help them move faster together.

” We are trying to solve the problems that our customers have in the public sector by bringing startups, innovation, and problem-solving to them through our accelerator programs. We get many creative and innovative solutions to solve problems in government, education, health, or aerospace and satellite sectors, such as .”


List of accelerators expanded

The company has recently added a new accelerator to its UK list, adding one that addresses the needs of the defense sector.

Launched at the UK Defence Disrupted event in London on 26 May 2022, the accelerator programme is being run in collaboration with UK government technology consultancy Public, which specialises in helping public sector bodies shape the digital services they offer to citizens.

The AWS Defence Accelerator is a program that offers participants technical, business, and mentorship support. It is open to all startups from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East who intend to do business with the UK.

They will also be able to receive credits to buy AWS services. In addition, they will have access to training on how to use it and to experts in the field.

” We have thought of ways to accelerate game-changing innovation in cyber, space, and sustainability,” states Peterson. These are the main themes of the defense accelerator.

“We are open to all ideas. Space is somewhat constrained, but we are targeting 10 folks for this accelerator. We often receive more expressions than there are spaces, but we do try to help with other resources and online tools .

Any startup that specializes in providing “mission-critical” solutions for land, air and maritime defense is eligible to apply.

“The initial cohort will include 10 defence startups that already have existing customers and revenue, and demonstrate that they can use AWS services to solve big challenges in the defence industry,” says the blog.

“Applications will be evaluated on a variety of factors including the uniqueness and innovation of the project, team’s ability and ability to deliver a solution, creative use of AWS services for the development of the solution and overall value to the UK’s defense industry .”

The beneficiaries of this programme are both the participating startups and the end-user organizations in the defense sector that will use the products to solve any pain points that they may be experiencing.

Peterson says

AWS has its benefits too, but not from an ownership perspective. He adds that unlike others, they don’t expect equity or take any financial part in these programs.

Obvious benefit

AWS has a clear benefit in that participating startups must use its technology to build their products. If they become scaleups, it is logical that AWS’s use of its services will also grow, which helps AWS’ bottom line.

And, just as startups have embraced AWS in its early days, so too has the participation of accelerator participants. They are blazing a trail for others to see how cloud-based infrastructure can be used, says Peterson.

” We help startups start new businesses, often digital-first businesses. It also shows how others can use modern cloud infrastructure to their advantage,” he said. These startups are scaleups, and some of them become the unicorns that drive economic growth all over the globe.

“It is an important exercise because it continues to be about knocking down the barriers, those things people don’t believe they can do. They haven’t seen it done before.

“But customers want real-life examples to show how cloud technology can solve their most difficult problems. It’s not about focusing on customer problems. It’s about getting innovative organizations to think differently and use cloud technology .

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FIFA 23 lets you turn off commentary pointing out how bad you are




FIFA 23 lets you turn off commentary pointing out how bad you are
A player shouldering the ball

(Image credit: EA)

FIFA 23 might be the best game soccer game yet for terrible sports fans, as it lets you turn off commentary that criticizes your bad playing.

Now that the early access FIFA 23 release time has passed, EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can hop into the game ahead of its full release. But as Eurogamer (opens in new tab) spotted, they’ll find a peculiar option waiting for them.

FIFA 23 includes a toggle to turn off ‘Critical Commentary’. The setting lets you silence all negative in-match comments made about your technique, so you can protect your precious ego even when you miss an open goal or commit an obvious foul. The more positive commentary won’t be affected. 

Spare your feelings

A player dribbling the ball in FIFA 23

(Image credit: EA)

The feature looks tailored toward children and new players, who don’t want to have their confidence wrecked within mere minutes of picking up the controller. But even experienced players who just so happen to be terrible at the game might benefit.

It’s not perfect, though. According to Eurogamer, the feature didn’t seem to work during a FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals match, with critical comments slipping through the filter. Still, who hasn’t benefited from a light grilling every now and then?

Polite commentary isn’t the only new addition in FIFA 23. It’s the first game in the series to include women’s club football teams, and fancy overhauled animations that take advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S’s new-gen hardware. EA will be hoping to end on a high, as FIFA 23 will be the last of its soccer games to release with the official FIFA licence.

If disabling critical commentary doesn’t improve your soccer skills, maybe building a squad of Marvel superheroes will. Although you might not do much better with Ted Lasso wandering the pitch.

FIFA 23 is set to fully release this Friday, September 30.

Callum is TechRadar Gaming’s News Writer. You’ll find him whipping up stories about all the latest happenings in the gaming world, as well as penning the odd feature and review. Before coming to TechRadar, he wrote freelance for various sites, including Clash, The Telegraph, and, and worked as a Staff Writer at Wargamer. Strategy games and RPGs are his bread and butter, but he’ll eat anything that spins a captivating narrative. He also loves tabletop games, and will happily chew your ear off about TTRPGs and board games. 

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Google Pixel 7 price leak suggests Google is totally out of touch




Google Pixel 7 price leak suggests Google is totally out of touch
The backs of the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro

(Image credit: Google)

We’re starting to hear more and more Google Pixel 7 leaks, with the launch of the phone just a week away, but tech fans might be getting a lot of déjà vu, with the leaks all listing near-identical specs to what we heard about the Pixel 6 a year ago.

It sounds like the new phones – a successor to the Pixel 6 Pro is also expected – could be very similar to their 2021 predecessors. And a new price leak has suggested that the phones’ costs could be the same too, as a Twitter user spotted the Pixel 7 briefly listed on Amazon (before being promptly taken down, of course).

Google pixel 7 on Amazon US. $599.99.It is still showing up in search cache but the listing gives an error if you click on it. We have the B0 number to keep track of though!#teampixel 27, 2022

See more

According to these listings, the Pixel 7 will cost $599 while the Pixel 7 Pro will cost $899, both of which are identical to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro starting prices. The leak doesn’t include any other region prices, but in the UK the current models cost £599 and £849, while in Australia they went for AU$999 and AU$1,299.

So it sounds like Google is planning on retaining the same prices for its new phones as it sold the old ones for, a move which doesn’t make much sense.

Analysis: same price, new world

Google’s choice to keep the same price points is a little curious when you consider that the specs leaks suggest these phones are virtually unchanged from their predecessors. You’re buying year-old tech for the same price as before.

Do bear in mind that the price of tech generally lowers over time, so you can readily pick up a cheaper Pixel 6 or 6 Pro right now, and after the launch of the new ones, the older models will very likely get even cheaper.

But there’s another key factor to consider in the price: $599 might be the same number in 2022 as it was in 2021, but with the changing global climate, like wars and flailing currencies and cost of living crises, it’s a very different amount of money.

Some people just won’t be willing to shell out the amount this year, that they may have been able to last year. But this speaks to a wider issue in consumer tech.

Google isn’t the only tech company to completely neglect the challenging global climate when pricing its gadgets: Samsung is still releasing super-pricey folding phones, and the iPhone 14 is, for some incomprehensible reason, even pricier than the iPhone 13 in some regions. 

Too few brands are actually catering to the tough economic times many are facing right now, with companies increasing the price of their premium offerings to counter rising costs, instead of just designing more affordable alternatives to flagships.

These high and rising prices suggest that companies are totally out of touch with their buyers, and don’t understand the economic hardship troubling many.

We’ll have to reach a breaking point sooner or later, either with brands finally clueing into the fact that they need to release cheaper phones, or with customers voting with their wallets by sticking to second-hand or refurbished devices. But until then, you can buy the best cheap phones to show that cost is important to you.

Tom’s role in the TechRadar team is to specialize in phones and tablets, but he also takes on other tech like electric scooters, smartwatches, fitness, mobile gaming and more. He is based in London, UK.

He graduated in American Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Prior to working in TechRadar freelanced in tech, gaming and entertainment, and also spent many years working as a mixologist. Outside of TechRadar he works in film as a screenwriter, director and producer.

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DisplayMate awards the “Best Smartphone Display” title to the iPhone 14 Pro Max




DisplayMate awards the “Best Smartphone Display” title to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

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search relation.

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